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We are glad that you would like to create a table for your next project! It is also good if you want to have a small table for testing purposes.
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Table configuration

  1. Please notice the limit range goes from 1 row to 1000 rows per table, if you need a larger table, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Privacy policy


You can store anything in the provided highscores tables under your own responsibility.
However, keep in mind if we get any notification of abuse, hateful content or any kind of denounce against the content of your table, we will delete the table without prior notification to you.
Thank you for the understanding!


Please remember that we will delete old tables if they have not been accessed for at least 3 months.
If you find that your table has been deleted after 3 months of inactivity, please do not hesitate to create a new highscores table and update your software to start to use the new one.

Availability of the service

We are running this service at our costs. Despite of our good will to keep this service always online, we cannot warranty that the service will be 100% available due we are dependent on third parties and other possible technical failures. We apologize in advance for any trouble caused, we do our best to keep this service up and running as much as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.

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